Selling by way of Auction creates a unique and lucrative opportunity. You can expect loads of attention from qualified buyers all over the country, for a sale you're totally prepared for.

Video explaining the Auction, filmed by Rob/Robin


Qualified Buyers

Our qualifying process ensures that all bidders are in a position to buy the property.

You know the date your property will sell

The Auction date is scheduled at your preference.

True Market Value

More than one bidder gives your property the best chance at selling at market value

Controlled Viewings

No need to worry about keeping things ready 24/7.

THE PROCESSat a glance

When you sign the contract to sell your property at auction, we determine the auction date with you. Our team then goes ahead and does the following:

Prepares your property for sale

Custom marketing strategy to promote your property

Takes the auction process all the way to the possession

Once a bid has been accepted, and a qualified buyer has committed to buy, the bidder will agree to take possession of the property outlined in the terms & conditions we acknowledged before bidding. Typically this is about 2 weeks after the auction date.


First, you must be a registered bidder before the auction starts. Deadline will be announced for registration. All bidders will go through a qualification process with the auction in order to be able to bid.

Depending on if you use a real estate agent to help you with the auction, you will need to factor the realtor fees into your purchase. Some properties will offer realtor fees included in the sale price, some will not be providing those fees as part of the purchase. Bidders will be made aware of that upon registration.


Once Registered, we will send the details to join the live auction video call. You will be able to place your bids on the property during the live event (hosted by a professional auctioneer) from your phone, tablet or computer.

There will be a minimum bid for the property along with information on its appraised value. Bidders will receive this information before the auction along with all the other details about the property.


You will be given a login to the live bidding on the day of the auction. You may participate virtually from the login provided after registration. The event will be streamed live to our registered channels. All bids must be submitted from a registered account during the live event.


With your winning bid, you will immediately be sent a purchase contract for your signatures. You will then be under contract with the seller. Within 24 hours you will be required to send a (non-refundable) 10% deposit via bank draft or wire transfer.

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